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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


This Notice is intended to present the most important information about the operations of processing personal data carried out by Editora Falconi (INDG Edition and Trade of Books EIRELI -CNPJ 05.926.709/0002-17), such as for us to comply with our duty of transparency and resolve any doubts that may exist regarding this issue.
The holder has the right to know information about the type of treatment to which his data is submitted, its duration, the purposes for which it is intended, in which cases it can be shared, among other information, provided that the Publisher's rights are respected. Falconi not to reveal any information that constitutes trade or industrial secret.



The Privacy Notice applies to all activities performed by Editora Falconi that use personal data of data subjects, as defined below.



Editora Falconi focuses on the creation and sale of quality technical publications and books in the management area and, through its works, facilitates the direct application of management techniques in different work environments and, therefore, the processing of personal data does not is the core business of Editora Falconi. Therefore, the collection of your data can take place through the following sources:

a) Upon the provision of data by the owner: your data can be provided directly from the owner at the time you register on the website of Editora Falconi, at which time your consent is provided in an express and unambiguous manner, previously collected for purposes or to perform a contract or procedures prior to a contract to which the holder is a party and at its request, such as the purchase of educational materials. In addition, the holder declares and is responsible for the veracity of all data provided by him to the Editora Falconi website at the time of registration and in any subsequent update, being responsible for its accuracy and authenticity, therefore, he must keep his data up to date for the proper use of Editora Falconi's products.

b) Collection of cookies through interaction with the websites: through your access and interaction with the websites of any of the Editora Falconi companies, it is possible that we collect personal data such as your internet protocol (IP) number, the browser used and how the interaction happens with the websites so that the experience can be personalized, as well as to improve marketing strategies by collecting cookies.

c) Data made manifestly public by the holder: we may also collect personal data made manifestly public by the holder, safeguarding the holder's rights and principles.


Editora Falconi guarantees to all holders that all personal information transferred to it is considered confidential and, for this reason, will not be shared and/or disclosed to third parties outside the relationship maintained between Editora Falconi and the holders, except in cases of i) legislative determination or administrative, judicial or police authority, or ii) in the cases previously communicated to the data subject.

  Thus, Editora Falconi guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of registered personal information, as well as its use, control and storage.

If this information is not enough and you still have any doubts or curiosity about any details of the processing of your personal data, please contact our DPO at the email indicated at the end of this Notice, always remembering that we reserve the right not to pass on any information that may violate our trade or industrial secret.



Through its website, Editora Falconi provides users with access to various contents and the possibility of purchasing products.  Publisher Falconi reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the website, as well as to eliminate or modify the contents, policies as well as all notices, regulations and instructions for use.

The user voluntarily acknowledges and accepts that the visit to the Editora Falconi website is made, in any case, under his/her sole and exclusive responsibility, being responsible for any false information that may be provided for the use of the tool.

The user undertakes to use the website and its contents in accordance with the law, the provisions of this Privacy Notice, morality, good customs and public order, as well as the obligation not to use the website and its contents in a way harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or in any way that may cause damage, overload, render useless or impede the normal use of the website and its contents.


All content on the website is subject to copyright protection, as well as other intellectual property rights or licenses held by the platform. Any unauthorized use of any content or materials on the website is prohibited and is capable of violating privacy laws, publicity, regulations and communication statutes.


The data holder's registration on the website is the sole responsibility of the user, mainly with regard to the veracity of all data provided by him to the website at the time of his Registration and in any subsequent update, being responsible for its accuracy and authenticity, therefore you must keep your data up to date for the proper use of the store.

Only one Registration will be allowed per owner, and it is necessary to fill in all the fields required in the respective form for its implementation.

At the time of registration, the holder must provide information of a personal and non-transferable nature, through which he will have access to the website, pledging not to inform third parties, being exclusively and personally responsible for its use.

  Personal information is requested by the website when the holder:

(i) Register on the website;

(ii) Makes a purchase;

(iii) Request contact through the website.

Editora Falconi reserves the right, at any time, at its free and exclusive discretion and without prior notice, to check the data provided by the user in the website's Register, and may request additional data and/or documents.

It is recommended to use a secure password, which is long, complex (using upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols), impersonal, unique to this site, kept secret and updated every 3 months or soon after use. it in an unsafe place.


All personal data processing operations that Editora Falconi performs are supported by the legal bases listed in articles 7 and/or 11 of the LGPD, reaffirming the lawfulness of all our mapped operations.

In this sense, when the Publisher appears in the position of Controller of personal data, the information of the data subjects will be used to carry out online purchases, progress of already effective purchases and delivery of products, creation of advertisements, promotions, improvement of services provided , of the products sold, among others.

Therefore, we will be able to process your data  according to one of the hypotheses listed below:

  1. Upon collection of your express and unambiguous consent, at which time the holder will be informed in advance about the purpose and other information of the treatment, except for those data made manifestly public by the holder;

  2. For the fulfillment of a legal or regulatory obligation by Editora Falconi, that is, in cases where some normative act establishes the mandatory treatment, such as tax legislation;

  3. When necessary for the performance of a contract or preliminary procedures relating to a contract to which you are a party and at your request;

  4. For the regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings;

  5. When we verify that it is necessary to meet our legitimate interests or those of third parties, which may be to support and promote our activities or to provide services that  benefit the data subject, except where fundamental rights and freedoms of you, the data subject, which require the protection of your personal data prevail;

  6. For credit protection of Editora Falconi.

3. Data Subject's Rights

Articles 9, 18 and 20 of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data present the rights of the holder of personal data that can be exercised before Editora Falconi by direct request to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) on e- mail .

Your rights listed in art. 18 of the LGPD and which can be requested are the following:

a) Confirmation of the existence of treatment by Editora Falconi;

b) Access to personal data processed by Editora Falconi, once the existence of the processing has been confirmed;

c) Correction or updating of data processed by Editora Falconi;

d) Anonymization, blocking or deletion of data treated in an unnecessary, excessive or non-compliant manner with the LGPD, provided that it is previously evaluated by our Supervisor (DPO), as well as by our Privacy team;

e) Portability of your data to another provider of goods or services, preserving the industrial and commercial secrets of Editora Falconi;

f) Withdrawal of Consent and Deletion of Data;

g) Information about sharing your personal data with public or private entities, observing commercial and industrial secrets;

h) Possibility of not providing and consequences of not providing consent.

If, for any reason, Editora Falconi cannot take immediate action to meet the holder's requests, we will send a response as soon as possible, communicating the reason, which may be one of the following:

  1. Editora Falconi is not an agent for processing your data, in which case we will indicate, if we are aware, the correct agent; or

  2. There is some factual or legal reason that prevents the immediate adoption of the requested measure, which, if possible, will be informed in the response.

Finally, in order for us to meet the requests made and to guarantee the security of your data, we may ask for some information to be sure of your identity and confirm the authenticity of the request.

4. Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

Editora Falconi does not have any economic activity that is part of its core business that involves sharing personal data with third-party companies. For this reason, your data may be shared with third parties only when:

  1. Absolutely necessary for us to provide a service to you or the company you represent;

  2. Important to add security to the processed data and ensure its confidentiality, integrity and availability, for example, when your data is stored in a cloud hosted on a server external to that of Editora Falconi;

  3. Interesting in the performance of administrative functions of our company, such as measuring the performance of our employees, customer satisfaction survey and employee organizational climate, development of our products and services and customer service, adopting, whenever appropriate, anonymization the data in statistical form;

  4. Arising from a court order, legal obligation or by virtue of a competent administrative authority;

In the cases above, in which sharing is based on Editora Falconi's option, we hereby inform that we have documented all contracts with our partners that are rigorously elaborated with regard to issues of protection of your personal data, all of which are in agreement and aligned with ours requirements. In addition, our information security criteria are high and always updated, in order to avoid any kind of lag that could cause damage to you or your personal data. Importantly, we also demand such high levels of security from all our partners.

5. How We Keep Your Data Safe

In addition to valuing your privacy, Editora Falconi is also very concerned with the security of the information that transits here.

At Editora Falconi, the employees responsible for the information assets that support personal data are signatories of a “Confidentiality and Responsibility Agreement” and have extensive knowledge of our Information Security Policy, as well as our Code of Conduct and Ethics.

We also have an internal Privacy and Data Protection Policy, whose purpose is to raise awareness and clarify our employees on how personal data should be treated here at Editora Falconi, always based on the law, good faith and best practices in information security, so that your data is always safe with us.

We adopt a series of security, technical and administrative measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and from accidental or unlawful situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or any form of inappropriate or unlawful treatment.

In addition, our suppliers also adopt several measures to prevent breaches of privacy, but, should they happen, effective procedures are followed to detect, respond and correct the incident as quickly as possible, in line with the rigor of the security standard of the Falconi Group.

With these and other measures, Editora Falconi aims to mitigate as much as possible the risks of security incidents that could affect the data it handles and, even in the unlikely event of something like this happening, we are committed to identifying, detecting, protecting and responding to incidents with maximum efficiency, informing, whenever necessary, of its occurrence, in case it could represent a risk to your privacy.

However, even though we use the best security measures on the market and are in constant evolution and continuous improvement in this regard, it is important to clarify that it is not possible to guarantee the total inviolability of the data we process (and this applies to Editora Falconi and to any other company). Anyway, even if that happens, we have a remediation plan so that the potential damage is as little as possible or, preferably, non-existent.

6. End of Processing and Retention of Personal Data

The processed data are stored, as a general rule, for the period necessary or permitted, depending on the treatment, according to the legal basis that justifies it. Therefore, it is safe to inform that your data will be deleted, as a rule:

  1. by verifying that the purpose has been achieved or that the data is no longer necessary or relevant to the achievement of the desired specific purpose;

  2. after the end of the treatment period informed to you, the holder;

  3. upon request for exclusion by the holder, if the treatment modality supports this type of request;

  4. by determination of the National Authority (ANPD), when there is a violation of the provisions of the LGPD.

In addition, we declare that some of our documents, both physical and electronic, are sent to the company specialized in keeping the documents and are filed there in accordance with our Retention and Disposal Policy, until the definitive elimination or complete anonymization of these documents.

However, in some cases, personal data may be kept even after the treatment has ended for:

  1. compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation by Editora Falconi;

  2. guarantee legal security in the relationship signed with the owner or third parties; or

  3. transfer to a third party, provided that the data processing requirements set out in the LGPD are respected.

It should be noted that we have activities to improve our services and products through the analysis of graphic indicators that may have originally been generated from personal data. In these cases, we guarantee the complete anonymization of this information, in order to completely disassociate it from an identified or identifiable natural person and its use is exclusive to Editora Falconi, access by third parties is prohibited.

7. Personal Data Processing Officer (DPO)

If your doubt has not been resolved or if you wish to address any issue related to privacy and/or protection of personal data, you can contact our Personal Data Processing Officer (DPO), at any time through the following means:


Address: Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, nº 1,327, 17th floor

Itaim Bibi, São Paulo/SP

CEP 13.571-410


8.Terms and definitions

To facilitate a better understanding of terms that may not be so clear, we present a brief glossary on the concepts and definitions of some common words in the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, as well as others that complement a good understanding of the subject:

a) Personal Data: Any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. In other words, any information, regardless of format (physical or electronic), that can allow the identification of a natural person, or that, once the person is identified, can be associated with him, revealing a characteristic about him.

b) Sensitive Personal Data: Any personal data relating to racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, membership in a union or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data relating to health or sexual life, genetic or biometric data , when linked to a natural person.

d) Data Subject: It is the natural person to whom the personal data that are the object of processing refer. That is, you who read this Notice and have processed data, Editora Falconi is a holder of personal data.

e) Controller: It is the natural or legal person, of public or private law, who is responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data. It is the controller who holds the decision-making power over the data processed, including the indication of its need, purposes, legal bases assigned, the retention period and the form of disposal. In some situations, Editora Falconi will control the personal data processed by it.

f) Operator: It is the natural or legal person, under public or private law, who processes personal data on behalf of the controller. The operator only handles the data according to the controller's determinations, as long as they do not violate LGPD provisions or other legislation, so that it is incumbent upon him to strictly follow the treatment scopes defined by the controller and provide security to the processed data. In some situations, Editora Falconi will be the operator of the personal data processed by it.

j) Treatment: Basically every operation carried out with personal data is a hypothesis of treatment. The LGPD specifies some (although it is not an exhaustive list), such as those referring to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of the information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction.


This Privacy Notice was published in October 2021. However, it is subject to further modification for updating purposes and as such may be changed without prior notice.

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