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A little about us

Editora Falconi (formerly INDG TecS) is a company specialized in creating and selling technical publications and books in the management area. Created in August 2003, it provides theoretical support to clients, consolidating the lessons learned during training and projects in organizations. Through its works, it facilitates the direct application of management techniques in different work environments.
The biggest differential of Editora Falconi is to sell quality books with prices below the market. All of its publications are written by professionals who work in different areas of management of the organizations, which helps in understanding the concepts passed by Falconi throughout the consultancy provided. This process allows the reader to use the content addressed by the authors in their daily lives, contributing to the constant improvement of results in companies.
Among the main authors of the publisher is Prof. Vicente Falconi, author of works consecrated as The True Power, Management of the Routine of the Daily Work, Management by the Guidelines, TQC - Total Quality Control, many of which have already been translated into English and Spanish.

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